About Us
Welcome to Wellness Med Art, where the most advanced technology meets Luxury and comfort. Wellness Med Art one of the first clinic in New York that provides effective Non-Invasive PRP treatment for Hair Loss and safe Aesthetic treatment for skin rejuvenation. Dr. Brown and our professional team will always be here to answer all of your questions.
Our Mission

Wellness Med Art mission is to keep you looking good and feeling great with a natural hair solution. Our first priority is making sure our clients are completely satisfied with services they receive.
Wellness Med Art deals exclusively with treatment of hair loss. Our clinic offers stem cell-based procedure for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) and general hair loss in men and women.


W​hy Choose Us
  • Staff trained on latest styles and techniques
  • Free non-obligation consultations
  • Surgery free!
  • Medical and specialized hair solutions are discretely handled in total privacy with utmost care.
Our Services
  • PRP H​air Restoration ​
  • V​ampire Face Lift
  • ​Micro-Needling ​
  • Organic & Relaxing Facials​​
  • ​Vi-Peel ​
  • Dermal Filers ​
  • Scar Treatment​
  • Acne Treatment​ ​
  • ​Stretch Mark Treatment​ ​

Please call us at​:​ 718-872-6465​ to schedule a free appointment​ or contact us online for more details.