Dermal Fillers


Dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane ® and Sculptra®  are used as an effective treatment for deep lines and wrinkles. They can help reduce deep lines and wrinkles, fill hollows and smooth the contours of your face.  Anti-aging facial fillers are the non-surgical way to achieve younger looking skin and provide volume for tired lines and wrinkles.

As your skin ages, it loses the collagen that helps shape and support it. Natural lines and wrinkles deepen. Sun exposure, smoking, air pollution and even stress can all age your appearance. The face can also begin to lose volume giving sunken cheeks and a ‘dragged down’ appearance.

How Dermal Fillers Work?
We use a range of premium dermal fillers products that can help you achieve the result. It will depend on the area being treated as to which product our qualified practitioners would recommend as the most suitable.
Facial fillers can plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out deep lines by replacing the collagen lost due to natural ageing or skin damage.

Premium dermal fellers Juvederm® and Restylane® are injected in small controlled doses just under the surface of skin of the area to b treated. This fills out the sunken areas and lines to give a smoother, firmer and more refreshed appearance. Depending on type of dermal filler used, result can last 6 to 24 month.
Sculptra is injected into the deep dermis and helps to replace   lost collagen. It is a onetime treatment of up to 4 injections sessions. These are usually scheduled about 3 weeks apart. The results can last for more than two years.

What does Dermal Filler treatment involve?
Small amount of dermal filler are injected directly into the skin using an ultrafine needle. After cleansing the area to be treated, a numbing cream will be applied. This ensures the injections administered by qualified doctor or nurse will only cause minor discomfort.

The gel administered helps to plump up the skin to smooth out the lines and wrinkles. If the lips or facial counters are being treated, the filler adds volume, restores shape and gives a fuller, fresher appearance.
Dermal filler treatments are only carried out by fully qualified doctors and nurses in our modern, regulated and well-equipped clinics.

Duration and Recovery.
Afterwards, there might be a small amount of swelling which will quickly subside. Depending on the area treated, it usually takes no longer then 30 minutes and you can leave the clinic as soon as you are ready to do so.

No recovery time is required after dermal filler treatment and you can return to day to day activities straight away. You may experience some slight swelling or bruising to the area being injected and typically doesn’t last longer than 48 hours. Your aesthetician will discuss your recovery and what to expect when you attend your appointment.

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